Welcome to the Border to Border Preview Page.

Here is where we will be adding the skeleton for our adventure as we develop it. Come back often on the lead up to our trip and see what is coming, and all the plans for our trip the end of April.

While we are on the trip we will be updating a daily blog page. (At least when we have a connection) On it we will give a brief overview of the days events along with a couple of pics. It will sort of act like a log during the trip and something to wet the whistles of our viewer as to what is coming once we get back and get the site officially launched. You can access that page here.

Border2border Daily Blog Page

3-21-15 Update

I have had a few weeks now to get used to our new drone. It is an absolute pleasure to fly. While I still have a lot to learn my skills are getting better every day. With three weeks out I have plenty of time to develop my technique.

Here is a little compilation clip of some of my recent training flights. I hope you enjoy.




Here we are about 5 weeks out from our trip. We have purchased the new drone and have started getting used to flying it. This is an incredible drone to fly and to top it all off, it is capable of fully autonomous flight.

Here is one of the first auto flights I took with it. I know the music is a little over the top but it makes for a fun video. What I want you to see is how stable the camera is. The Gimbal that comes with the Phantom Vision+ is wonderful and trouble free.

We are going to get some fantastic video and photos from this trip.


Here is a little video explaining some of the things we have in mind.






We started the year off trying to get my fat ass in shape. You can track our progress here.